Scattered, But Together Online: An Exploration of the Sikh e-Diaspora Community


Presentation1Examining the Sikh diaspora, a community rooted in the ‘land of five rivers’ (Punjab, India) – this talk presents an online view of diaspora identity politics, one valuable for policymakers and researchers of migration studies, citizenship, security, new media, and transnational social movements in many parts of the world. It is adapted from my PhD dissertation, completed at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. The research uses data from the e-Diasporas Atlas project (, data obtained from web-based content analysis and key informant interviews with Sikh community members to better understand how social media and other web 2.0 technologies are shaping and reshaping Sikh identity in the 21st century. It offers insight into how the diasporic experience is being articulated online by second/third generation Sikhs, by highlighting key generational differences that continue to surround public discussions on articles of faith (including Turban advocacy) and community grievances. In particular, it examines how web 2.0 technologies can support and enable more grass root public and personalized forms of diaspora identity politics, as well as the growing interconnectedness between online political participation, identity-based expressions, and offline political mobilization activities.

You can view my talk on Periscope!

Note: This talk was part of the 2017 Spring Speaker Series held at the Social Media Lab, Ryerson University.


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